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Paramus, NJ


Couples Counseling in Paramus, NJ

Your relationship is a critical element in your life, so speak with a Paramus, NJ, couples counseling practitioner to learn what you may be able to do to preserve it. Dr. Emanuel Shapiro works hard to provide the warm and caring environment that you need in order to discuss issues openly. We work hard to allow both partners to express their issues and feel they have been addressed.

At our office, we maintain the flexible hours that you require to seek our guidance without adjusting your schedule. We also provide individualized care for each partner to handle issues they may bring to the relationship, including:

  • Addiction problems
  • Family issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

It’s time to do something to keep your relationship working, so call a Paramus, NJ, couples counseling practice right away. Dr. Emanuel Shapiro is highly experienced and offers the quick response your situation demands. Speak with our office staff today to ask about the warm and respectful treatment we offer our patients.